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Empirical Hybrid Training refers to over 4000 years of ancient history regarding sports and weightlifting. Progress has been documented, training styles developed, and science applied. EHT combines the scientifically proven, most beneficial, and efficient aspects of various training styles and produces one collective regime dedicated to achieving peak human performance. 5 is in reference to the 5x5 method; it has been demonstrated that 5 total sets consisting of 5 stimulating repetitions is the ideal volume for a major muscle group in any given workout when focusing on muscle growth.

There is no one training style that can be utilized universally in sports and weightlifting, however, EHT-5 is the closest development to it. By incorporating significant components from researched methods, EHT-5 provides a broad spectrum of results related to peak human performance. The goal is to effectively and efficiently train muscles for all intended purposes rather than just one, which in turn significantly reduces the detrimental imbalances. Similar to the quote, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, an individual’s physique will be hindered by its underdeveloped aspect(s). Hybrid training allows someone to increase their full potential by improving weak links and results in an elevated level of peak performance.


There is a right way to train; an EMPIRICAL way. EHT-5 is how individuals can efficiently and effectively achieve peak performance with scientific application.

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