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CJ Vagnone

USPA 90kg Powerlifter


USPA Shamrock Showdown, 90kg Junior Champion

"Matt completely redefined and exceeded my expectations for a powerlifting coach. 

With just 4.5 weeks for preparation, Matt’s expertise and incredible dedication to my success led me to my first win in my second powerlifting meet in the 90KG junior division. 


I chose Matt’s program because of its application of science and his unbelievable knowledge. I knew his guidance would lead me to successful results because his techniques are built upon empirical scientific evidence that has already PROVEN to work. 


I wanted to be coached by someone who truly understood my sport, the competition and its technicalities, and my personal commitment and passion. 


Matt’s training perfected my form, down to the most minuscule movements, not only did his training increase ALL of my lifts (squat, bench, deadlift), I left his training with profound new knowledge about my body and the specific techniques it required. His program instilled confidence in me and I was more motivated than I had ever been. I benefited more in those sessions with Matt than I had in entire weeks of training by myself.  


I cannot say enough great things about Matt as a coach: his response timeliness was second to none, I gained invaluable knowledge, the percentages Matt used were completely accurate to the numbers I produced in competition, my form had never felt better, my lifts increased, and his support and motivation is half the reason I was up on that podium. Having Matt by my side gave me a sense of calm confidence that can’t be manufactured.


If you have goals to crush, then Matt is your coach."

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